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Growing up is hard work & emerging hormones & social stress can leave kids feeling angry, confused & alone. Having a physical outlet & learning how to care for their changing bodies by eating healthy & exercising regularly, can help them learn to deal with the stress & learn to love being FIT. This is also a fun chance to meet new friends with common interests & grow a strong body!
See our available classes below. 
Schedules change depending on the time of year.
                                                  CHILD WATCH 
 Come workout while your kids play with us! At WIOFS, family is VERY
 important to us & we believe the family that plays together, stays healthy together. Children live what they learn, so watching YOU stay FIT 4 Life will teach your kids to be healthy too!


*Cost is $1.50/child per class OR $2.00/2 siblings per class*

 ***PLEASE SEE OUR CLASS SCHEDULE for times CHILD WATCH is available***

(ages newborn-2 yo)
A fun way to reconnect with your body while enjoying time with your baby. It’s a great way to take part in an understanding community of other new moms. Strengthen your muscles & calm your spirit while sharing special one-on-one time with your little one. Babies can be worn WRAPPED or if you prefer held in front. NEW TO WRAPPING & not sure how to do it? Our experienced instructor will show you how & even has wraps & carriers for you to borrow until you find the best one for YOU & BABY.

(ages 3-5 yo)
Your children will learn ways to be mindful & learn to care for & about their bodies by practicing basic yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates moves. Children at this age learn best through play & movement & are very interested in animals & nature. These concepts will help them to build a caring attitude towards our earth & others. Breathing & relaxation practice will help your children become more aware of their inner voice & their ability to calm themselves.

                                          RULES for Child Watch & Classes
                              (You know we have to have a couple)
All kids will need to wear a clean pair of exercise shoes to Child Watch & all
Kids Classes. We will be moving around a lot in, so they need shoes to play!
Proper footwear is very important to keep your child safe as he or she moves. A snack &water will be provided after we exercise.
Please bring everything your child may need during Child Watch including, diapers, bottles, special snacks, etc. We will have a few emergency diapers & healthy snacks on hand, but each child needs their own suppiles EACH time you come. If your child is very upset, misbehaving or seems sick, we will come get you at class so you may decide what action to take. Me? Good Cop!
*PLEASE do not send your child if he or she is feeling sick or feverish or has any tummy (GI) issues. As a Peds nurse for many, many years, I understand how icky children feel when ill & exercise will only worsen their symptoms & expose other healthy children & our staff.
                                                                      Thank You! (: